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Bonkipedia Updates and New

December 28, 2022: Added a new category Category:Holidays with NAFO to collect all the holiday memes that NAFO created.

December 14, 2022: Added more postcards and group pictures in the Category:Group Picture. If you know of other compilations we've missed, please tag @Bonkipedia.

As always, Bonkipedia is a tool, not a source of authority, so please don't think we are trying to replace any official NAFO communications.   

Archived Updates: Bonkipedia Updates and News

Welcome to Bonkipedia: A Wiki for the Fellas

The goal of Bonkipedia is to document all things NAFO, from memes to fundraising missions to the glorious weirdness that is the North Atlantic Fellas Organization. Support for Ukraine is always the focus.

With future of Twitter in question, we wanted to be sure to document the NAFO movement and make sure that we can remain united in our mission to support Ukraine and fight disinformation.

Drop a meme, give credit where credit is due, explore, suggest changes or updates, this is a free for all.

If Twitter goes down for any reason, check out the homepage of Bonkipedia (this page) and we'll try to spread any news we can. See also the Alternate Social Media Sites page for information about various sites people might use.

**Editor's note** We've been working to get Bonkipedia into a usable and functional site, but do not want to distract from the mission of NAFO, which is to support Ukraine and fight disinformation. The site currently has a heavy emphasis on documenting memes, but we would love it to connect people to the mission of NAFO and support the Ukrainian cause. The intention is to enable NAFO, not distract NAFO. For questions or concerns, please reach out to us @bonkipedia.

Getting Started

Finding Memes

Bonkipedia works the same way most wiki sites work. The search bar will work to find pages with the name or key words of memes. Memes may not have the name you first think of, so please try various key words.

Another way to find memes is to search the Categories page for topics. The page "Meme Category" is the super-category page that is the parent page for all other categories. Parent Categories work by grouping similar ideas under a single category.

For example, for all memes relating to combat mosquitos, See Meme Category -> Russian Propaganda --> Mosquitos. You can also type in "mosquitos" in the search bar for all pages that have "mosquitos" in the title or tags.

Log In

Users do not need to log into Bonkipedia to use the site, unless you want to add or contribute memes. To log in to Bonkipedia, select the "Anonymous" drop down, and select "Log In". Log in credentials run through Twitter users. For more information or issues with log in, please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page.

Documenting Memes

NAFO has thousands of memes, and we need your help documenting them. We are currently working on a bot to automatically upload memes to Bonkipedia. Stay tuned.

In order to keep things consistent, see How to Document Memes on Bonkipedia.

Please check that the meme you wish to add has not already been uploaded. If known, please attribute the meme to the original creator.

Other Pages

NAFO is not just about Bonking Vatnicks with Memes, there's a lot of other great stuff that we do. Bonkipedia is created to document the movement of NAFO, so feel free to create pages about the best bonks, where NAFO references come from, and most importantly why we do what we do.


All The Nonsense

Finding Nonsense



  • Be a clown, your momma didn't raise you like that
  • Abuse this space
  • Upload illegal content, it will be removed and reported higher


  • Have fun
  • Be original
  • Give credit to the MemeLords of Fella Nation
  • Suggest improvements or ideas
  • Feed the wolves


See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for help with common questions.

Contact Bonkipedia

Autobonker for technical help

Bonkipedia for content help or suggestions

Official NAFO Communications