Finding Nonsense

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It can be tiresome to sit around and wait for nonsense to come to you. Make use of spare moments by tracking it down and reviewing it using the suggestions at All the Nonsense.

  • pick an omnibus query to surface a category of nonsense spreaders that is particularly annoying you today
  • Top tab reflects reach and is always good to review
  • Latest tab reflects currency - ongoing "flooding the zone" - may be easier to review successfully, but less effective
  • Often nonsense spreaders cannot resist a chuckle or collateral slur when lying about some atrocity or other. Celebrating violence, dehumanization including the popular 🐷emoji, ethnic or Nazi slurs are high-probability review. May the odds be not in their favour.
  • Skip friendlies. The Top tab should eventually reflect push-back on the nonsense, not the denialist narrative.
Nonsense Detected: Bonk at Will
Category Query Text
Bucha denialism Bucha AND (thread OR armband OR armbands OR parcels OR "false flag" OR staged OR provocation OR "Kiev regime")
Kramatorsk denialism Kramatorsk AND (hotel OR generals OR mercenaries OR mercenary OR (fighter jets) OR (military target) OR "Kiev regime")
MH17 denialism MH17 AND ("false flag" OR provocation OR "serial number" OR CIA OR accident)
Konstantinyvka denialism Konstantinovka AND (provocation OR air OR Ukrainian OR AFU OR "Storm Shadow" OR "Ukrainians" OR "false flag" OR "Kiev regime")
Mariupol Arts Theatre denial Mariupol AND Azov OR (Arts OR Drama) AND (theater OR theatre) AND ("false flag" OR provocation OR staged OR "Kiev regime")
Odesa Transfiguration Cathedral denial (Odesa OR Odessa) AND cathedral AND ("guided missile" OR "air defence" OR "air defense" OR S-300 OR AD OR Kiev OR incompetence)
Euromaidan denial (Ukraine OR Ukrainian OR Zelensky) AND (coup OR Maidan) AND (Nuland OR NATO OR US OR CIA)
False criminality & corruption allegations (Kiev OR Ukrainians OR Ukraine OR Zelensky) AND (Hunter OR ("Biden crime family") OR laundering OR biolabs OR adenochrome OR laundered OR corrupt OR corruption OR drugs OR cocaine OR trafficking OR pedophile OR bribe OR bribes OR dictator OR dictatorship OR paid)
Ethnic slurs ukrop OR ukrops OR hohol OR hohols OR khokhol OR khokhols OR chub OR chubs OR mykolas OR хохол
False Nazism allegations ((Ukraine OR Ukrainian OR Azov) AND (Nazi OR Nazis OR Nazism)) OR Ukronazi OR Ukrazi OR UkroSS OR ucronazi OR ucronacista OR UkroReich OR UkroGestapo OR UkroWehrmacht OR UkroSS OR UkraineNazis OR Ukrazis OR укронаци OR Укронацисти OR Укронази
Celebrating/wishing harm euphemisms denazify OR denazified OR denazification OR desnazificados OR desnazificacion OR (Bandera AND (highway OR visit OR trip OR sleeps OR meet OR met OR train OR "go to"))
9/11 denial (9/11 OR 9-11) AND (scam OR thermite OR "false flag" OR fake OR "inside job" OR (WTC AND 7) OR Silverstein OR Israel OR Israelis OR Jews OR plane OR airplane OR controlled OR narrative)

Any of the above can be narrowed to a particular nonsense spreader by prefixing with e.g. from:lyingruscist.

Once you find a nasty nonsense spreader there is often a rich vein of reviewable content. Help grow the reach of the #NAFOWorks lists.