Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Bonkipedia?

Bonkipedia is designed to be a wiki by the fellas, for the fellas. This project started as an offshoot of the Nafo Meme Archive project ( with the ability for all fellas to contribute and edit pages. All you need to log in and contribute is a Twitter account.

Do I have to Log In to Use Bonkipedia?

No. Much like other Wiki sites, you can use the search function in Bonkipedia without logging in. You only need to Log In if you want to edit or create content/

How Do I Log Into Bonkipedia?

Bonkipedia is set up so that you can log in using your Twitter account. We recommend logging in using a computer, with Twitter open on another tab.

Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 3.37.09 PM.png

Issues Logging In?

We are working out issues with logging in right now.

Common issues can be solved by:

  • Log in on a computer
  • Closing all browser tabs and reopening your browser to clear cookies and caches

Who Do I Contact for Issues with Bonkipedia?

@autobonker9000 for technical help

@bonkipedia for content suggestions

Security Concerns / Reporting Content on Bonkipedia

Admins have the ability to track users who attempt to disrupt Bonkipedia and can revert changes done.

If there is illegal / improper content on Bonkipedia please report to @autobonker9000 or @bonkipedia and we will get it taken down as soon as possible.