North Atlantic Fellas Organization (NAFO)

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North Atlantic Fellas Organization (NAFO)

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The North Atlantic Fellas Organization (NAFO; a play on NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an Internet meme and social media movement dedicated to countering Russian propaganda and disinformation about the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In addition to posting irreverent commentary about the war and memes promoting Ukraine or mocking the Russian war effort and strategy ("shitposting"), the group also raises funds for the Ukrainian military and other pro-Ukrainian causes. The representation of a NAFO "Fella" is a Shiba Inu dog, often used as an avatar and sometimes described as a "cartoon dog" or a "group of Shiba Inu soldiers." [1]

NAFO operates primarily on Twitter, with the official communication channel @Official_NAFO. Official website is here:

How to Get a Fella

How to Get a Fella by @Official_NAFO

A "fella" is a custom designed avatar created by a group of volunteer "forgers" in return for a donation to a few designated Ukrainian charities. Fellas are typically Shiba Inu dogs, but can be cats, raccoons, etc.

To get a fella, a Twitter user donates at least $10 to one of the organizations involved with NAFO. Users post a Tweet showing a picture of their donation (with your personal information removed), a description of what your fella should look like (preferably with reference pictures), and tag @fellarequests to get into the queue.

Organizations Involved with NAFO

For links associated with NAFO, see:

Official Logo of Georgian Legion

Georgian Legion

"The Georgian National Legion is a military volunteer formation that arose at the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The main purpose of its existence is to help the fraternal Ukrainian people in the defense of territorial integrity and independence during the Russian aggression in Ukraine."[2]

NAFO was founded as part of an effort to organize fundraising efforts to help feed the wolves. Donations can be done directly through bank transfers or through Pay Pal.

Official Communication:

Legion of Fellas

"Legion of Fellas is the store associated with fundraising efforts for the Georgian Legion. Our purpose is to support the mission of the Wolves of the Georgian National Legion in Ukraine. Net profits from the store's sales will be donated directly to the Georgian National Legion in Ukraine. First the Morale Patch, and now every other product you see here, was designed by a fella, for the fellas, as a physical representation of appreciation for doing it right, always keeping it funny, and most importantly, having the Legion's back, every single day."[3]

Link to store:

Saint Javelin Logo

Saint Javelin

Saint Javelin is the official partner of NAFO. "Saint Javelin has donated over $800,000, President Zelensky and Saint Javelin have met, and with your support we’ve helped Ukraine with humanitarian aid, first responder equipment, medical kits and more. 100% of net profits from all our merchandise is being donated to organizations, causes & charities to support the people and defenders of Ukraine."[4]

Official communication:

Ukraine Aid Ops (UAO)

Ukraine Aid Ops (UAO) mission statement (edited for length, see website for full):

Ukraine Aid Ops (UAO) Logo

"When the Russians rolled across its border in February 2022, the number of people fighting to defend Ukraine massively increased within a number of weeks. Foreign governments poured large amounts of equipment and material into the country, yet it still wasn’t enough to cover demand.

Those messages reached Ukraine Aid Operations. Inspired by the bravery of the Ukrainian defenders, we have committed ourselves to providing them with essential lifesaving gear. We have raised over a million dollars, which is all spent on the purchase and transport of armored plates, helmets, radios, drones, gloves, IFAKs, nightvision, vehicles and many other, smaller items.

These items are all delivered straight into the hands of the units that need them, thus minimizing the risk of things ending up in the wrong place.

The team has rapidly grown to more than 40 volunteers around the world who are helping to raise funds and find and deliver equipment directly to the units in need. Granted U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity status."[5]

Official communication:

Protect Ukrainian Defenders

"We are a group of civilian volunteers who crowdfund to buy medical equipment and non-lethal technical devices for Ukraine's Armed Forces. We then deliver these supplies ourselves to the frontlines to those Ukrainian military units who need them most. We have so far procured supplies worth over $90 thousand. We all have day jobs and donate a big part of our own incomes to the cause. But our financial resources are not limitless, so we need external support to keep doing this work in the long run."[6]

Donations can be made directly to their Amazon Wish List with delivery going straight to the team:

Official communication:

Dzyga's Paw

Dzyga’s Paw – Ukrainian charity fund supplying Ukrainian military with high-tech equipment that multiply the effectiveness of our units. By having direct connections with regular army and SOF units, we make direct impact onto their combat potential and safety. We want them to succeed in fighting Russian invaders and protecting the whole free world from Russian barbarism! Official communication:

Sign My Rocket Logo

Sign My Rocket

Sign My Rocket allows individuals to write messages on rockets that are used against the russians in exchange for a donation. From the website:

"Send your message to the Russian Invaders!

You have a chance to send a greeting to orcs with your text written on an artillery shell.

You will receive a photo a signed shell with your ordered text. Or you can even sign a M777 howitzer.

NOTE! Our site aims to collect donations for Ukrainian soldiers, but we don`t buy any kind of weapon. By making a donation you are not sponsoring any weapon, you are not choosing when and where to fire. You just donate to decorate a shell and get a picture of it."[7]

Official communication:

Exen 4x4s for Ukraine

"Roadsters to the front. Number of SUVs delivered: 29

This is a drop-off for off-roaders for Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front! As part of this action, I am donating my personal Grand Vitara to the front.

This is Exen's fundraiser to buy 4x4 vehicles for Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline! I will personally deliver all of the cars." [8]

Official communication:

U24 x Fellas Fundraiser

"UNITED24 was launched by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be transferred to the official accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and allocated by assigned ministries to cover the most pressing needs."[9]

UNITED24 Launching a NAFO Fundraiser for the Naval Drones

"Our friends from NAFO, who have been actively supporting Ukraine and UNITED24 for many months, can now raise funds for their own special NAFO drone (maybe, even more). And name it, of course.

It is with great pleasure that we share a link to a separate fundraiser, specially for Fellas."[10] Official communication:

Official Communication Channels

NAFO official communications:

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