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Archiving Bonkipedia Updates

December 2022

December 14, 2022:

Added more postcards and group pictures in the Category:Group Picture. If you know of other compilations we've missed, please tag @Bonkipedia.   

November 2022

November 26, 2022:

Added a new super category: Category:Content Category to capture all the non-meme related content on Bonkipedia. For example, Category:NAFO Content captures all the content associated with NAFO initiatives. The category: Category:Bonkipedia captures all the documents associated with Bonkipedia such as how to use Bonkipedia to document memes.  

November 21, 2022:

Added the new Category:NAFO Art Gallery to show off some of the cool art that fellas have done to fundraise for the cause. If you know of anything we missed, please let us know!

November 18, 2022:

Corrected the bug that was preventing users with an underscore in their name "_" from signing up for Bonkipedia. Finished updating the instructions How to Document Memes on Bonkipedia.

November 17, 2022:

Thanks to everyone for checking out Bonkipedia. We are still working through some of the issues, but the site is functional to find memes. And for now, you should be able to log in through your Twitter account to create new pages. If Twitter goes down for any reason, check out the homepage of Bonkipedia (this page) and we'll try to spread any news we can. For now, if you have questions, concerns, need help, contact @bonkipedia.

Check out the page Alternate Social Media Sites where I'll update information on where people are gathering and how to connect with them if need be.

Known Bugs

  • If your Twitter account has an underscore in it "_", the log in system has issues registering it. Contact @autobonker9000 for technical help
    • Solved 11/18/2022, Just login and browse away!